A Cancellation Avalanche

Southwest Airlines shenanigans have moved my schedule to the right - a new article will be posted tomorrow!

A Cancellation Avalanche

Normally, punctuality is a byword for my article posts.

Sadly I've been caught up in the Southwest Airlines cancellation avalanche (cancelanche?). Rather than flying home to the Denver area Wednesday, I had the pleasure of driving from Chicagoland to Denver over the past two days :).

A fun side adventure was that, after staying the night in Omaha last night, I took my family to see the Strategic Air Command (SAC) museum this morning.

Strategic Air Command Museum near Omaha, NE [credit: 

It didn't look quite like that this morning - Nebraska is still melting off its winter coat of ice and snow.

My wife and children (and me!) were most excited to see an SR-71 Blackbird. It's only the 3rd or 4th that I've seen, but for my little girls it was their first - they were smitten.

SR-71 Blackbird at the SAC Museum [credit: u/rallysman on Reddit]

In any event, I'll post my planned article on different varieties of Space Domain Awareness tomorrow!