Space Domain Awareness

What is Space Domain Awareness? Here is a brief summary with collected articles and material related to Space Domain Awareness

Space Domain Awareness is about understanding what has happened, is happening, or may happen in the Space Domain. More formally:

Space Domain Awareness (SDA) includes detection, tracking, characterization, and understanding of objects and actors within and acting upon the space domain now, in the past, and in the future. The purpose of SDA is to enable timely, quality decision-making at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels for all instruments of national power.

By construction Space Domain Awareness is a central element of Spacepower.

Some of the most common questions about Space Domain Awareness are answered below:

Space Domain Awareness FAQ

Q: What is Space Domain Awareness, Really?

Space Domain Awareness is an enterprise to understand what has happened, is happening, and may happen in the space domain. The purpose of Space Domain Awareness is to enable timely and quality decision-making. To accomplish this, Space Domain Awareness leverages a combination of sensors, computation, knowledge management, and de-biasing systems. Would you like to know more?

Q: What is the Difference Between Space Domain Awareness and Space Situational Awareness?

A: Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is a local and tactically / operationally focused awareness of an actors locality. When multiple SSAs are fused into a common understanding of the space domain, i.e., a system-of-systems, Space Domain Awareness emerges. Would you like to know more?

Q: How does a Space Domain Awareness System... Work?

A: Because Space Domain Awareness systems purpose is to enable timely and quality decision-making, they are fundamentally knowledge factories - systems-of-systems desired to collect raw data, process it into evidence / information, and manufacture knowledge by asking and answering questions. Would you like to know more?

Q: Is Space Weather a Part of Space Domain Awareness?

A: Yes! Space weather affects how actors in space operate. Knowledge and predictions of space weather are also important for decision-making in the space domain, and are therefore elements of a Space Domain Awareness system. Would you like to know more?

Q: How can Space Domain Awareness get Knowledge to Decision-Makers?

A: In Space Domain Awareness systems, a central component is the Knowledge Management System (KMS). This system, a collection of databases, procedures, and organizational culture, helps collect, curate, and cue actionable knowledge to those responsible for making decisions. Would you like to know more?

Q: Why do Space Domain Awareness Systems Have Bias, and how can we Mitigate Bias?

A: Because Space Domain Awareness system operators are responsible for both asking questions and collecting evidence, there is tremendous opportunity to unintentionally bias themselves when producing knowledge. A variety of cognitive biases, including confirmation bias, normalcy bias, and availability bias contribute to this challenge. However, professional gaming and judicial evidence processing can both mitigate the worst effects of these biases. Would you like to know more?

Q: What Types of Space Domain Awareness Systems Exist?

A: Many current systems can be classified as Space Domain Awareness Systems. This includes most space traffic management and space debris tracking systems, as well as space weather measurement and prediction systems. Space Domain Awareness Systems can be non-profit, commercial, national, or international. Would you like to know more?