A First Post

Articles will be posted weekly, covering economics, policy, and technology in space development, space domain awareness, and space traffic management.

A First Post
[Image Credit: NASA]

Over the next decades, space development promises to add trillions to the world economy and meaningfully benefit society. 'Ex Inani, Omni,' or 'From the Void, Everything,' references the irony that so much can come from largely empty space.

My purpose for writing in this blog is:

  • Crystalize and articulate my thoughts on space-development, -domain awareness, and -traffic management, including economic, policy, and strategic facets.
  • Initiate discussion on these topics amongst current and aspiring space professionals.
  • Develop and inculcate a philosophy of space development that maximizes individual freedoms and benefit to society.
  • Provide students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate) and the public with an inside look into some of the exciting research, development, technology transition, and other aspects of being a space professional.
  • Improve and sharpen my writing, thinking, and communication skills.

I will be publishing a new article each week Thursday mornings.

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